According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, blue-green algae are also called cyanobacteria and are ‘biologically similar to bacteria’ in many ways. These cyanobacteria can form thick blooms, giving the appearance that blue-green paint is covering the surface of the water.

Tom Lange with TPW :

This is a textbook case of Blue Green Algae, cyanobacteria and causes diarrhea and stomach cramps if ingested.  Stay out of it and keep your dog out of it.


High temps have a lot to do with it as well this is the time of year. Could it lead to a fish kill? It can but it would be the result of large peaks and valleys in dissolved oxygen from algae using oxygen at night if we have several overcasts days in a row without wind we could have a kill.

Lange also states that it’s an indication that the lake is in need of some habitat improvement. Such improvements are a part of the master plan of the Lake Wichita Revitalization Committee. Lake Wichita resident Skip McBride says the outbreak last about 18 hours and that as of Thursday morning, the algae was gone.

At least it is for now.


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