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America May Be Running Out of Meat Soon

You may wanna stock up on canned meats or go plant-based because we may be running out of meat soon! You know things are bad when PETA and the meat processors union team up. A lot of people are upset at Trump's new order to re-open the meat plants, speed up production and put humans and animals at risk. Some workers plan on just not showing up to work because they feel that its unsafe for them to work. According to the New York Times, there is a huge strain on the nation’s meat supply, prompting warnings of possible meat shortages. (via WPST)

Sports May Not Come Back At All This Year

Dr. Fauci said that without widespread testing and quick results, sports as a whole may not happen at all this year. Fauci added that while he personally would love to have sports back soon, as a health official, physician and scientist, when you look at the country as it stands now we’re not ready for that yet. (via NY Post)

Americans Won’t Buy Show Tickets Before COVID-19 Cure

A new survey suggested that 40% of people who regularly buy tickets for live events will avoid returning until a coronavirus vaccine is available – which could take up to 18 months. For the average American, 27% said they’d go to a concert, theater performance or a movie theater if venues reopened before a vaccine arrived, while 32% said they’d wait for the vaccine. A total of 55% believe that no events should take place until medication becomes available. (via WPST)

You Can Now Charge For Your Facebook Live Streams

Facebook is adding a new feature that will allow businesses and artists to charge for their live streams. Since all event have been moved online, this is the perfect opportunity to make money. Whether you're hosting a workout class or a creative workshop, can live stream it and profit off of it. (via The Shade Room)

Some Americans Are Donating Their Stimulus Checks

A group of people in North Carolina rallied thousands of people who are in stable financial positions to donate part or all of their $1,200 stimulus check to help people affected by COVID-19. Within the first week of the Pledge My Check website launch, over $18,000 was pledged from 37 people across 11 states. The donation number is now up to $70,000 pledged from 129 people across 15 states. (via Good News Network)

Can You Afford Your Rent on May 1? Here's What To Do If You Can't

In April, America saw the worst unemployment rate in history. If you are someone who has been laid off or furloughed and can't afford to pay May's rent on Friday, CNN has some options for you to consider.

Stars Who Were Tested for the Coronavirus

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