Keith Urban returned to American Idol on Sunday night (May 21) to lend a helping hand to the final three contestants as a mentor.

He first sat down with Megan Danielle to learn a little more about the singer’s journey and help her channel her emotions into music. While talking with the young hopeful, Danielle expressed that she needs to continue working on blocking out negativity and focus on herself. Urban recognized the pressure the singer places on herself and used a guitar metaphor to explain that sometimes things don’t go as expected, but it's how you pick yourself back up that matters.

Continuing with the guitar metaphor, Urban explained that if a guitar neck breaks, sometimes it can be glued back together to be even stronger than before.

With those words of encouragement, Danielle took her spot center stage to offer up a rendition of Urban’s “God Whispered Your Name.” Danielle certainly looked the part of an American Idol, appearing in a glittering dress that was reminiscent of a disco ball. She completed the shiny look with matching cowboy boots.

At the end of her performance, all three judges gave the finalist a standing ovation. Katy Perry once again applauded the growth that Danielle has gone through during the season. Seeing the singer comfortable in her own skin was “mission accomplished” for Perry, who wrapped things up by saying the judges' job was done.

Speaking to one of his "country kids," Luke Bryan seemed almost astonished when explaining that he had not seen Danielle make “one bad vocal decision.” He called Danielle’s signature way of doing things her way, and in her own style, very inspiring. Bryan echoed Perry by praising the singer’s evolution throughout the singing competition.

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