American Idol contestants Jon Wayne Hatfield and Preston Duffee made judge Luke Bryan proud during Hollywood Week — both in terms of their song choice for their duet performance, and in terms of the country-flavored bromance that they've fostered over the course of their time on the show so far.

In fact, the pair have grown so close that they're calling themselves the "Camo Cousins" — which Katy Perry misheard as "Camel Cousins" when they first walked out onstage, in matching, hunting-focused shirts.

"Camo," Bryan corrected his fellow judge, before turning to the two Idol hopefuls, saying, "Well, tell us how you formed this bond."

"We started forming this bond in New Orleans," Duffee replied.

"Yeah, he even got the same tattoo as me," Hatfield joked.

But these two have more in common that just tattoos and nights out on the town: They're both staunch country traditionalists and sharp, heartstring-tugging songwriters. Both impressed the judges at their auditions with original songs. Hatfield auditioned with "Tell Me Ray," a song he wrote after his grandfather — who had a big hand in raising him — came out to him as gay. Meanwhile, Duffee introduced himself to the judges with a song called "Something to Write About," which he penned as he navigated the grief that followed his mother's death by suicide.

When they were paired together for Hollywood Week, Duffee and Hatfield selected a cover near and dear to the country judge's heart: "Buy Dirt," Jordan Davis' No. 1 ballad, which features a vocal guest appearance from Bryan himself. The two young performers kept things simple for their cover rendition, with Hatfield strumming an acoustic guitar, and plenty of raw and real vocal harmony. Their full performance airs during the Monday night (Apr. 3) episode of American Idol, but you can press play on the video below for an exclusive sneak peek just for readers of Taste of Country.

In his response to the performance, Bryan said that he'd wanted to push the two contestants for more emotional power in the middle of their performance — but Perry beat him to it.

"I was about to go, 'More, more, more!' when Katy did," he explains, "But I think what's funny is, once she actually gave more."

"I'm gonna come with a cattle prod next," Perry chimed in.

American Idol airs Sunday and Monday nights on ABC.

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