It's a story of forbidden love, or maybe it's just a story of a randy high school senior and a lonely teacher. Either way, 26-year-old Julie Warning, a global studies teacher at the Manhattan Theater Lab High School in New York City, is in a bit of hot water over the whole thing. This is after she was photographed making out with one Eric Arty, an 18-year-old student of hers.

Julie was reassigned to a different school by the district, and now could possibly loose her job.  As a teacher who kissed one of her students, it would appear that Warning  is the only one in the wrong here, but that's not the whole story.

Turns out Eric and four of his friends actually had a $500 BET on which one of them could kiss her first.  They each put in $100, and Eric was the one able to seal the deal. Unfortunately for Warning, the kiss was photographed and eventually made it's way back to school administrators. Perhaps that's what she gets for deciding to kiss a student in broad daylight, in a public park.

The school district is investigating the case.

And in case you're ever tempted, I've found that there's one convenient rule to keep yourself out of fishy situations like this one. Take half of your age (or their age) and add seven years, and that will give you the lowest socially acceptable age you can date, or in this case, makeout with in the park.

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