Do you love 'The Office'? Time to plan a road trip to Austin.

If you're a big fan of 'The Office' you probably remember them mentioning the infamous Scranton Strangler on the show. Looks like he has attacked the Dunder Mifflin Office and you need to help solve the case. At least that's the idea for the show at the Paramount Theater over in Austin.

Now the show has actually been going on for two years, but they have updated it with Covid protocols where it's actually a walking show. You walk around the theater trying to solve the case. You will run into Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, and other favorite characters from the show. They say you will need to use your keen detective skills to find clues, catch red herrings, plant evidence, and lock up the Scranton Strangler.

The show is running til the end of the month on April 25th. So if you're planning a trip to Austin and love The Office, you may want to go check it out. I know a bunch of you will stay at home and binge watch the series another time instead. Remember folks, you can watch other shows than just 'The Office'.

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Also, if you want to support our local theaters here in Wichita Falls. They have a lot of great events going on this weekend. You can get all the info for that here.

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