Being in a small town, you get used to people heading out to bigger and better things without even looking back in their rear-view mirror.  That makes it an even bigger treat when those who have left and made an international name for themselves come back to visit.  But regardless of the reasons people leave, the biggest draw for someone to come home is family, and that's exactly who Angela Kinsey was visiting when I almost literally bumped into her at the 66th Annual Archer City Rodeo.  There are several shows and movies you would know Angela from, but she is most notably known for her role as Angela Martin on the TV show 'The Office'.  I quickly found myself dumbfounded and not sure what to say, if anything, but thankfully Angela is a true Texan and was extremely nice and personable.  And if it hadn't been for her just as sweet and gorgeous sister Tina (thanks Tina), I wouldn't have braved a picture or a more informative conversation with Angela. :)

Even before her current role on 'The Office', Angela's background is quite impressive for any person, small town or not!  According to a dedicated Angela Kinsey fan website (it's not her official site), Angela actually isn't even originally from Archer City.  She was born in Louisiana and moved to Archer City with her family after living in Jakarta, Indonesia for 12 years.  Angela then attended and graduated from Baylor University, moved to New York and interned for Conan O'Brien,  eventually ending up in Los Angeles where she now resides with many, many more accomplishments in between.  You can check out a list of her work history online and it's a long one.  Bottom line, Angela is still a true southern Texas girl who is just as sweet as she is talented.