Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, looks like a mini-me of her famous mother.

In a new two-hour 20/20 special titled Anna Nicole Smith: Tragic Beauty, which aired on Friday (February 5), the late star's 14-year-old daughter travels with her father, Larry Birkhead, to her mom's Texas hometown, as well as nostalgic locations around Los Angeles.

"Dannielynn's a teenager now, and she doesn't really know a ton of things about her mom," Larry explains in the doc. “I thought, why not go back to Anna’s beginnings and kind of see where Anna got her start. It’s keeping her memory alive for my daughter."

Anna Nicole passed away when Dannielynn was just five months old, in February 2007. The model and reality star was 39.

Throughout her life, Dannielynn has learned about Anna Nicole through pictures and videos, or stories told to her by her dad. In the ABC special, the teen, who is the spitting image of Anna Nicole, gets to see a collection of her mom’s personal items and memorabilia, such as artwork, family photographs and some of her most memorable outfits, for the first time ever.

In one emotional moment during the documentary, Dannie sheds some tears upon seeing a book that Anna made which contains sonograms of her pregnancy.

Larry hasn't held back explaining Smith's tumultuous life to Dannielynn, but he is conscious in making sure the teen sees the moments worth celebrating.

"This was a small-town girl who went to the Supreme Court twice, a Playboy Bunny, a Guess model, an actress, that came from the sticks of Mexia in Texas," Larry says. "You couldn't make this up, and it happened. She lived it. She lived fast and she lived big."

In an attempt to shield and protect his daughter from the media, Larry moved them to Kentucky following Anna Nicole's death, where he and his daughter have created a life he describes as "quiet by design.”

"People always say, 'Is she going to be an actress? Is she going to be a model?' And I never push her in a certain direction. Actually, I get calls all the time and I say, 'No, she's not interested in doing that kind of stuff.' Right now, she's just being a kid," Larry told the Daily Mail in 2019.

Dannielynn was born on September 7, 2006 in Nassau, Bahamas. Anna’s first child, Daniel, died just three days after Dannielynn was born. He passed away at the age of 20 from an accidental overdose while in Anna Nicole’s hospital room. After his death, Anna Nicole’s life began to spiral. She was found dead from an accidental drug overdose in a room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL on February 8, 2007.

In 2019, Larry told E! News, "In our house, every day is Anna day... We talk about her and remember her all the time."

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