I do not own an iPhone so I still have Google maps. I have heard this new application Apple is trying to get you to use is awful. Well in Australia the police are begging people to stop using it.

Cops in Victoria, Australia have put out a warning to anyone visiting to not use Apple Maps, because they're sick of rescuing people who are lost. They've had to rescue six different people recently, who used Apple's maps and wound up lost in the wilderness.  Some of them were stranded up to 24 hours without enough food and water.

The big problem comes from Apple totally whiffing on the location of a city called Mildura.  Apple has it located about 43 miles away from where it actually is and is directing people to the middle of a national park.

Right now, since it's summer in Australia, temperatures in the park can get as high as 115 degrees which makes it a life threatening situation if you get stranded there. So you hear that iPhone people I can go to Australia with my Droid and not get lost.