If anything shows the decline of the popularity of the decathlon, it’s the fact that Bruce Jenner is now more famous for his reality television show appearances and overdone plastic surgery than his Olympic win in 1976.

But we think Ashton Eaton is the one who will bring the sport back to its rightful spotlight. He’s the perfect mix of accomplished athlete and absolute hottie.

Eaton graduated from the University of Oregon in 2010 and while he was there, he won three NCAA championships. The question is, can he win the Olympic event? Eaton is really a runner — he has the fastest times in all the running events but in the strength events he often falls short of the competition. He does have a chance of racking up so many running points that the strength events won’t even matter.

Take a look at some pics of Eaton with his sculpted muscles showing through his tight running uniform. We also have a picture of him crying. Because we think only true men cry, especially if they break a world record.