Police are urging Austin citizens to still remain cautious of packages.

Late last night police confronted who they believed was their suspect in the five package bombings in the Austin area.  24-year-old Mark Conditt was being pulled over by law enforcement overnight and detonated a bomb in his vehicle killing himself. Mark lived in Pflugerville and as of now has no connection to the victims of his alleged bombs.

Police are asking Austin residents to remain on high alert. They do not know where Mark was the last 24 hours. It is possible he could have placed bombs at other locations before killing himself last night. Police are also investigating to see if he was lone in these attacks or if someone else helped with the bombings.

Police were able to identify Mark after he used FedEx to ship his fifth bomb. A sixth bomb was actually found at an Austin airport being delivered by FedEx, but police were able to retrieve it without detonating it. Even though he was wearing a disguise in the security cam footage, someone was able to identify him. Police also believe all of these bombs were done by the same person because the same type of materials were used in the bombings.

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