Grant Denyer (that's him on the motorcycle) learned the hard way what eight Gs of force can do to you. The embarrasing part is that everyone who was watching him report the weather also learned what eight Gs of force can do to you.

Denyer is an Australian weatherman for Sunrise 7, and he thought it would be cool to do his report from the backseat of a stunt plane, which is designed especially for flipping and turning and doing all kinds of cool tricks in the air. It was a cool idea but he should have made sure he could handle the pressure. You'll see that around :33 seconds into the video that the pilot says they are going to turn around and go the other way. That's when Denyer ran into problems. It's at that time he passes out and I don't blame him. At least he didn't puke.The best part has to be everyone's reaction. The lady back in the studio seems to be trying to hide her laughter and the pilot didn't seem to think it was to big a deal.