I'll just go ahead and toss this out there right from the start, I'm a guy with nearly no fashion sense. So one person's 'ugly Christmas sweater' is my 'I gotta get one of those' essential apparel items.

Eventually the sidelong looks and snarky comments will alert me to the foolishness of my choice, but until then I'm blissfully happy looking like a geek.

That being said, I'm kinda diggin' this ugly Christmas social distancing sweater that SimpliSafe came up with. I mean we are all trying to maintain a six foot personal space between our fellow man, right?

As you can see in the video above, SimpliSafe, the people that make a very popular home security system have put their elves ... er ... technicians and engineers to work to create an ugly Christmas sweater with proximity sensors that sound an alarm should anyone be brave or foolish enough to enter your personal six foot bubble of safety.

According to Fox News the sweater was actually a promotional idea to raise donations for the NeighborWorks America Rental Resiliency Fund.

While their original supply of social distancing sweaters sold out quickly, SimpliSafe was kind enough to provide detailed instructions on how to make your favorite ugly Christmas sweater into a socially responsible piece of interactive clothing.

Those instructions look a little more complicated than I'm ready to tackle at the moment so I think I'll just stick to my current stock of sweaters to get me through the holiday season. The mismatched colors and confusion of shapes should be enough to keep any normal person at a respectable distance.

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