Streaming services like Disney+ always emphasize their new titles. That makes sense; their primary goal is to perpetually add new subscribers, which in turn boosts their bottom line and their stock price. So the coverage of these sites is always about what’s new. (ScreenCrush is certainly not immune to this phenomenon.)

But the reality is Disney+ has a fairly large and stable back catalog of older films, thanks in part to the fact that they own and control most of the motion pictures released by the Walt Disney Studio for the last century. A few years ago, they also acquired 20th Century Fox, adding even more titles to their collection. But with all the emphasis on whatever the latest Marvel or Star Wars series is, you might never realize all the good stuff you could be watching instead of Laserman and the Funktastic Five.

That’s why we wrote this list. It contains ten titles spread out across more than 80 years of Disney (and Fox) history that you might not have seen, and probably don’t know are available to stream right now. Most are great for families and kids, but some are geared toward older viewers as well. All of them are worth your time. You’re paying for that Disney+ subscription; you might as well get the most out of it. If you watch these movies, you will.

(By the way, if you want to read my 650-page treatment for Laserman and the Funktastic Five, I’m happy to send you the PDF.)

Great Disney+ Movies You Might Have Missed

These excellent films are all waiting to be discovered on Disney+.
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