There’s so much to love about Halloween. 

Personally, it’s one of my favorite holidays. From binge-watching horror movies to eating my body weight in Reese’s cups to scaring the hell out of neighborhood kids, I’m all about it. 

And if you’re all about it, too, you want to make sure and get the best bang for your buck (and your time, because time is money). That’s why it’s good to know the best places for Halloween.

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For the trick-or-treaters, you want to know where the best area for a good haul of candy is in your hometown. Sure, hitting the houses in your neighborhood will do the trick, but if there’s a neighborhood with a high concentration of houses that hand out full-size candy bars, that’s where I’m headed. 

I’m also a fan of people who go above and beyond with their Halloween displays like this guy in Dallas. I live over two hours away in Wichita Falls and have flirted with the idea of making the trip down there to see the carnage for myself. 

Speaking of a Halloween road trip, it helps to know where the best destinations for Halloween are. And that’s where WalletHub comes in. 

The financial website recently released its report on the best places for Halloween in 2023 and one Texas city was ranked among the 20 best cities in the nation. 

So, if you’re looking for the best place to spend Halloween here in the Lone Star State, look no further than the border town of Laredo. If loading up on candy is your top Halloween priority, Laredo ranked in the top 10 for trick-or-treater friendliness. 

Sure, Laredo is a long drive from North Texas, but the candy coma will be totally worth it.

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