Not everyone goes to Vegas to gamble. Some just go for the over-the-top architecture and tourist attractions.

You can now add Sphere to your list of sightseeing destinations if you fall into the latter group.

What Is The New Sphere In Las Vegas?

Dubbed "a world-first immersive destination," Sphere features the largest largest LED screen on Earth. According to the venue's website, the structure has a fully-programmable LED exterior that measures a whopping 580,000 square feet.

Sphere will be home to concerts and "experiences" from Hollywood directors once the doors open to the public in September.

Rock band U2 is set to play a 25-show residency at Sphere starting Sept. 29. Two of the shows are already sold out.

While Sphere awaits the official opening in September, its LED exterior was introduced to the Vegas sky on July 4.

Sphere's simple "hello world" message was still a notable introduction thanks to its fiery glow at night. The display has become more complex since the initial greeting.

This design doesn't even look real.

How Much Did It Cost To Build Sphere?

According to USA Today, Sphere cost an astounding $2.3 billion to construct at The Venetian Resort.

Seating for more than 18,000 will be available on the interior. We should probably expect Sphere's display to be used for advertising and promotional purposes because, well, Vegas.

When the NBA's Summer League kicked off in town at the Thomas & Mack Center and Cox Pavilion last week, Sphere was ready.

Imagine stumbling out of a casino late night/early morning and seeing a basketball the size of the Death Star from "Star Wars" hovering along the Vegas strip.

Sphere has released a full video of its dazzling July 4 animation complete with planets, fireworks and trippy designs. You can also checkout some of our favorite Sphere photos below.


Amazing Photos of Sphere Lighting Up Las Vegas

Sphere, the newest Vegas venue set to open in September, made its grand introduction in July with an eye-popping light show.

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