This movie was supposed to come out in November. Damn you Covid! After months of not so patient waiting, the day has finally arrived. My boy Godzilla, taking on the big ape known as Kong.

Fun fact about me, I'm a Godzilla super nerd. I am always down to watch any Godzilla movie. If you like the Japanese Godzilla movies, Godzilla VS Destoroyah is hands down my favorite. The American movies are no where near as iconic. However, the last entry (King of the Monsters) was the best one in my opinion.

Now we get the followup to that movie and where do I plan on watching it? Here are my top five ways to watch Godzilla VS Kong in our area.

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  • 1

    The Drive In

    Getty Images

    My favorite way to watch any movie is going to the Drive In. The good news is that both options near us are playing Godzilla VS Kong this weekend. The Graham Drive In is showing Friday through Sunday with Tom and Jerry. The Chief Drive In over in Chickasha is showing it Thursday through Saturday along with Rampage.

  • 2

    IMAX in Lawton

    Getty Images for IMAX

    When you want two watch to giant monsters battle it out. You want a giant screen. The new Godzilla VS Kong was shot in IMAX and the Patriot 13 in Lawton does have showtimes starting Friday. (AMC is only open Fridays through Sundays right now)

  • 3

    Cinemark in Wichita Falls

    If you don't feel like driving all the way to Lawton. Right here in Wichita Falls, Cinemark is showing the movie starting tonight. So if you can't wait til the weekend, here you go. Cinemark is also pretty good about getting the collector goodies. I saw some theaters are getting these cups. I will literally go buy these without seeing the movie if they have them.

  • 4

    AMC Sikes Senter Mall

    Like I mentioned earlier, AMC theaters are only open Fridays through Sundays right now. So you will have to wait for the weekend to see it. However, the thing I love about the mall theater is the McGuffins Bar. I can't find any special drink for the new movie, but I do remember this Kaiju Juice from the last movie. If they can make this again, I would be happy.

  • 5

    Stream it on HBO Max

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    In my opinion, this should 100% be your last option. If you don't feel comfortable going out in public yet. I understand, however you can social distance at the drive in like I plan on doing this weekend. Godzilla VS Kong is streaming right now for all HBO Max subscribers. I got to be honest, this is a movie that NEEDS to be seen on the big screen with surround sound. If you're supporting my big green boy this week though, I'll be happy regardless.

    By the way if you're rooting for Kong, you have terrible opinions on everything in your life.