Billie Eilish is under fire after she criticized the state and lyrics of some hip-hop music.

The 18-year-old spoke about the genre in her March Vogue cover story. The "everything i wanted" singer recognizes that artists can create alter egos, like in her songs "bellyache" and "bury a friend," however, she thinks there's a line between storytelling and lying.

"Just because the story isn’t real doesn’t mean it can’t be important," she explained to the outlet. "There’s a difference between lying in a song and writing a story. There are tons of songs where people are just lying. There’s a lot of that in rap right now, from people that I know who rap. It’s like, ‘I got my AK-47, and I’m f---in’,’ and I’m like, what? You don’t have a gun. ‘And all my b---hes…’ I’m like, which b---hes? That’s posturing, and that’s not what I’m doing."

The comments sparked outrage on social media, with some claiming that she was showing disrespect towards the genre while co-opting its aesthetic and sound in her own music and fashion style.

Eilish has previously praised music from the genre and has worked with and is friends with hip-hop artists.

See the reactions to the interview, below.

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