Dwayne Johnson’s appearance as Black Adam will apparently be augmented with a recently-added post-credits scene that will connect the character with the broader DC universe. If we look at something like the MCU, it's very rare that a villain shows up with their own feature film. While the DCEU claims to be modeling its own 10-year plan after what Marvel did for the last decade and a half, there are some deviations here and there.

After the recent merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, the future of DC films is extremely uncertain. All we really know is that Warner Bros. has changed its approach. Rather than whatever it is they were doing beforehand, the plan going forward is to complete a massive shared universe, featuring plenty of DC heroes, villains, and anti-heroes we haven't ever seen on the big screen before.

Dwayne Johnson has long claimed that his appearance as Black Adam is going to completely shake up the order of the DCEU. One of the biggest parts of the film is the introduction of the Justice Society of America. They’re a team made up of Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, Hawkman, and Cyclone. While we have tons of new faces, it seems unlikely that we’ll get many cameos from older DC movies.

Henry Cavill has repeatedly denied rumors that he’ll be appearing in Black Adam as Superman, but he could always just be really good at keeping secrets. People have also speculated that we’ll see an appearance from Wonder Woman, who could be a likely choice. It's not unheard of for DC at this point to add characters we haven’t seen in a while. The news even broke pretty recently that Ben Affleck showed up on the set of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom for some additional filming.

No specific details from the post-credits sequence have emerged just yet, since the scene has only been seen at test screenings. All we really know is that if the film is going to introduce “a new new element to Johnson’s place in the DC universe,” it could be pretty important.

Black Adam will debut at movie theaters across the country on October 21, 2022.

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