The Suicide Squad had to introduce a slew of new characters in a matter of minutes. That required some clever storytelling on the part of writer/director James Gunn. To establish the bonafides of the team’s new leader, Bloodsport, he tossed off the character's criminal past in a single line: He’s in prison because he shot Superman with a kryptonite bullet, which the audience immediately understands is something only an assassin of the highest caliber (sorry) could do.

But for Idris Elba, the guy who played Bloodsport, that line is more than a quick bit of expository dialogue. He thinks it should be a movie of its own . In an interview with Variety, he said “I would definitely like to tell the Superman story. There’s no doubt: Bloodsport versus Superman. It needs to happen.“

The future of The Suicide Squad series, and really the entire DC movie universe, is currently up in the air — or floating out in orbit around the Earth somewhere. Warner Bros. has several high-profile releases including Black AdamShazam! Fury of the Gods, and The Flash, but they’ve also canceled at least one movie that was in production. The Suicide Squad got an HBO Max spinoff from James Gunn about John Cena's Peacemaker, and a second season of the show is supposedly planned. But Gunn is currently back over at Marvel working on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, leaving the rest of the Suicide Squad’s status unclear.

It’s also not entirely clear who is or would play Superman in any DC project at the moment, meaning if Idris Elba did convince Warners executives to let him fight Superman he may need to find someone to take the part first. In the meantime, Elba will next be seen in the survival thriller Beast, which opens in theaters on August 19.

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