Imagine not only becoming friends with your favorite band, but they write a song about you and have you star in the video.

A few years ago, Alexa Bliss mentioned in an interview that she is a huge fan of Bowling for Soup. Fast-forward to 2020, and now Bliss is friends with the band and the subject of their latest song and video. Last night, Bowling for Soup posted the video for 'Alexa Bliss', which is a terrific take on the classic 80s film 'Weird Science':

A few hours later on their official Facebook page, the band explained their relationship with Bliss over the past few years, finding out she is a fan of the group, attending the Royal Rumble as her guests, and so on:

A few hours later, WWE & Bliss posted a behind-the-scene's video of Bliss working on the music video, calling it a dream come true:

Here's hoping Bowling for Soup shows up at Wrestlemania to play this live for Bliss' entrance!

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