Have you ever heard the tale of the Finley Ghost? Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, a boy (Adam) drowned in the mighty Columbia River off the banks of Finley, Washington near the Tri-Cities of Kennewick-Pasco-Richland.

The boy's family was so distraught after his drowning, that his parents often lingered on the banks near where he drowned. The parents claimed that while "talking" to their son, the boy would answer them with loud bursts in the water. As time went on the boy's parents eventually passed away. Finley locals would continue to visit the banks and "talk" to the spirit, otherwise known as the Finley Ghost.

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Today, it's said that when you toss a rock into the Columbia River, the Finley Ghost (or spirit) is awakened, letting everyone know of his presence. Watch the experience Jared and David have with the Finley Ghost.

I recently saw a post on a social media site asking where the exact spot is to catch a view of the ghost if you're brave enough to awaken it.

The spot is located in Finley up on the levy on Yew Street. Look for a bend in the road. The exact location is below.

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Google Maps

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