After her stint on "Dancing With The Stars", we haven't heard much of Bristol Palin. The BIO Channel had intentions to start a reality series with Palin moving to L.A. to share a house with another "Dancing With The Stars" contestant Kyle Massey and his brother. Its not certain what happened to the plans for that series, but Palin shouldn't be bothered since the Lifetime Network has picked up a 10 episode run of "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp".

In a statement issued by Lifetime, the new show will,

"reveal how she adjusts to her life in Alaska, where daily she faces the many pressures of raising her toddler son Tripp alone and maintains the close relationship she holds with her parents.

"Bristol will be confronted by the many difficult life decisions people must make regarding parenthood, family, relationships and career – giving viewers a unique look at how these true-to-life challenges test her resolve as she single-handedly writes the next chapter in her and Tripp’s young life."

The big question right now is if the series will find an audience in people genuinely interested in Palin's story, or if people will watch it because of the previous controversies surrounding Palin.  Apart from her underage, unwed pregnancy, Bristol recently came under fire for defending her younger sister's use of derogatory homosexual slurs on Facebook.  Also, Bristol denied getting plastic surgery, though specialists agree that the change in her appearance is not due to weight loss or make up.  And many critics said that Palin made it to the finals of her season of "Dancing with the Stars" because the producers and judges wanted to kiss up to her mother.

I do have to ask, does Bristol have what it takes to remain in the public eye apart from her mother?  I'm not trying to take anything away from her, but Bristol Palin is only getting this show and getting the attention she is because of her mother.  Had her mother never ran for Vice President, we would never know the name Bristol Palin.  She wouldn't have been on "Dancing with the Stars" or her own show on Lifetime.  If anything, she would have been a cast member on MTV's "Teen Moms".  I personally don't understand the facination with underage mothers right now.

via CNN