Go girl!

On top of completing a hectic week of ‘X Factorauditions (complete with an adorable video message from fiance Jason Trawick), Britney Spears has something else to celebrate. Digital Spy reports that the ‘Toxic’ singer’s 2007 album, ‘Blackout,’ finally sold 1 million copies.

‘Blackout’ hit shelves during some of Spears’ darkest moments, both in her life and her hair color. It was her first release following her breakdown in which she shaved her head and attacked paparazzi with an umbrella. In light of her trauma, Spears’ label released the record with the least amount of fanfare possible as she was keeping a low profile.

The album was Spears’ first to not debut at No. 1, which disappointed fans — but not as much as the record’s failure to meet the 1 million mark. Fans launched “Blackout Purchase Week” in July of last year in hopes of reaching the benchmark, but came up short. The album received critical acclaim and launched fan favorite tracks like ‘Gimme More’ and ‘Piece of Me,’ but perhaps due to Spears’ personal problems and the lack of promotion and touring, the album didn’t move as many units as her usual juggernaut hits.

Now that SoundScan confirmed the 1 million sales, it’s up to Spears and her team to apply for RIAA-certified Platinum status. Let’s get on that!

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