Britney Spears posted a note on her Facebook page revealing that she would be sharing some big news today (April 11.) Word around town is that the starlet is this close to cementing her deal to join ‘X Factor‘ as a judge for Season 2. The show has two judging panel vacancies and Brit’s name has been bandied about as a possibility for months now, with many reports indicating that she and the show were haggling over salary issues.

Deadline reports that it’s in the home stretch phase after two deal points were agreed upon this past weekend. Sources say that her deal would be north of the $10 million initial offer, hovering closer to around $15 million, which is more than J. Lo got for ‘American Idol’ — she raked in $12 million. Producer and co-judge Simon Cowell wanted to lock Brit in as a judge before focusing on the other open slot. Since ‘X’ fell well short of expectations in the ratings and failed to come close toppling its competition in ‘Idol’ or ‘The Voice,’ Cowell is going big to try and make the show even more competitive in its second season.

What do you think, PopCrush readers? Do you think Brit will announce her new role on ‘X Factor?’ Will she make a good judge? Brit’s days as a heavily touring sexpot are behind her, unlike some of her younger heir apparents, like, say, Rihanna, so this could be a great move for her.