Source: WalletHub

Suck it Brownsville!

Here in Wichita Falls, I like to think we have a lot of Saint Patrick's Day pride. We have our downtown street Festival, we have the Iron Horse Pub, many bars and restaurants get into the Saint Patrick's Day spirit. I'll tell you where you don't want to go, Brownsville, Texas.

A new survey came out for the best cities to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in. The cities in the survey are considered 'large cities', so you must have at least 300,000 residents. Sorry Wichita Falls, we don't even qualify, but at least we aren't know as the worst Saint Patrick's Day city in the nation.

So how did we get here? Several factors went into this survey. Such as percentage of Irish population in the city. Brownsville ranks 198 out of 200. Alright, Brownsville is right near the southern border of Texas. I'm not expecting a massive Irish population. Here is why I believe they deserve their terrible ranking.

Highest average beer price for a large city, they rank first for having the most expensive beer. Yeah, nobody wants to pay for expensive beer. ESPECIALLY on Saint Patrick's Day. So remember, avoid Brownsville for all your Saint Patrick's Day plans. I know you were planning that trip there in just a few weeks.

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