Many communities have been forced to evacuate as three wildfires continue to tear through residential areas of California just miles north and west of Hollywood today.

Included in those areas are Malibu and Calabasas, areas home to many celebrities, including the Kardashian/Jenner family. Late Thursday night (November 8) Kim Kardashian-West posted on her Instagram Story that she was forced to evacuate her home, given just an hour to pack up and leave the area.

Earlier in the evening, Kardashian posted incredible footage of the devastating flames, seen from the window of her jet just before landing at home.

Kardashian isn't the only star affected by the spreading fires: Singer Hayley Kiyoko and makeup artist/YouTube star Jeffree Star are among those posting on social media about the scary fires.

"MY TOWN is in flames," Kiyoko posted alongside broken heart emojis, urging people to evacuate in the affected areas.

"It's so dangerous and serious," she added.

Director Guillermo del Toro also called for people to evacuate.

There are actually three separate wildfires ravaging parts of California: the Hill Fire in the Santa Rosa Valley area, located just miles from Thousand Oaks, where the deadly mass shooting occurred Wednesday night (November 7).

North of that fire, the Camp Fire is blazing through the town of Paradise, sending terrified residents to flee their homes and neighborhoods.

The third fire is the Woolsey Fire, burning in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties—also the fire that is affecting the Kardashians.

Experts are saying the fires are spreading so rapidly due to Southern California's hot and dry climate mixed with strong winds. Due to these high winds, the fires are able to hop from house to house in residential areas.

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