Well, if they can figure out a way to turn Emojis, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds into movies, it stands to reason one of your phone’s other most popular functions could end up on TV. So it is, that Candy Crush is getting the game show treatment from CBS, with an impressive hour-long format at that.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, CBS has issued a straight-to-series order for a live-action game show, as created by Wipeout and Fear Factor boss Matt Kunitz. Neither a host nor premiere date have yet been selected, but should you wonder how the 2012 game would operate in a largescale format:

Here’s how the TV series will work: teams of two use their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous interactive game boards which CBS says will feature next-generation technology as they conquer Candy Crush and are crowned champions.

Says Lionsgate of the new series:

The Candy Crush franchise is a world-renowned property, so when the head of our interactive and games division, Peter Levin, brought this IP to Lionsgate, we instantly knew it would make an incredibly visual, physical and fun TV program. CBS is a leader in unscripted television, which makes it the ideal home for Candy Crush, and we’re very happy to have Matt shepherding the production as we partner with the team at King on this series with the tremendous second-screen potential.

We’ll have more on the series soon, but does Candy Crush still have enough popularity to sustain its own CBS gameshow?