It's about to be a big week at Midwestern State University and some great events for all of Wichita Falls are coming up.

The Carribean Student Organization is getting ready right now for Caribfest, it is just a few days away. Coming up next week on October fourth through the sixth. Starting out on October fourth, they will be doing the Soca show at the Sikes Lake Center at 7:30 pm. This will be a music competition that everyone is free to enjoy.

Next up on Friday, is Mr. and Mrs. Caribfest. Which is a pageant happening in Akin Auditorium at 7 pm. This will cost five bucks to attend. Anything that costs money will be donated to charity. This year the Carribean Student Organization chose Booker T. Washington Elementary School.

I would say Saturday is definitely the most popular day and the busiest as well. It kicks off with the Parade of Bands at 2 pm on the MSU campus. Trust me, if you're looking for where to go, just follow the music. Carribean food will also be available for purchase during the parade. The culture show is a must watch, if you have to attend one event at Caribfest it would be this one. Both of these events are free and this is the one that a lot of the Wichita Falls community comes to check out.

Caribfest closes out with the Glow Fete in the Commanche Suites. Tickets cost 5 dollars and the party goes on from 9 pm to 2 am. You must wear a white shirt to this event if you want to get in. It is a glow party after all. Speaking of shirts, this year's Caribfest shirt is available for purchase now. They cost just ten bucks and that money goes to Booker T. Washington Elementary.


The Carribean Student Organization does this every year to promote their culture and give back to the community and they would love to see you there. If you would like more info, you can hit them up on their Facebook page or Instagram.

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