It's a major hair change for Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen -- and no, she didn't ditch her signature heavy bangs.

After rocking red locks for a lengthy chunk of time, the 'Call Me Maybe' cutie went back to her natural hair hue: brown.

CRJ, recently seen being all princess-like during her stint as Cinderella on Broadway, shared a photo of her reprised brunette locks on Instagram. She posted this caption, revealing she was very happy to be a brown-haired girl again: "I went back to my natural color. Feels good."

Well, Carly, it doesn't just feel good. It also looks good.

While we liked her reddish, almost strawberry shade, and thought that it paired beautifully with her porcelain skin tone, this rich, chocolate hue suits her and her fair skin even more. Plus, red hair is one of the most notoriously difficult shades to maintain when it comes to follicles. It requires some extra TLC  and upkeep.

While the brown color isn't as "Look at me!" as the red shade, it's just as beautiful, if not more.

See the return-to-brown below. Jepsen continues to wear her thick, eyebrow-skimming fringe, which is her signature, and shoulder-grazing locks.

PopCrushers, what do you think? Do you prefer Carly Rae Jepsen as a ginger kid or do you like it better when she rocks her natural color? We're firmly Team Brunette on this one.

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