Are you having a rough day? Is it filled with sadness, regret and Sam Smith's In the Lonely Hour on repeat? Have you spent your past few waking hours reflecting on your lackluster and mundane day-to-day life? Well, fellow sad-sack, Carly Rae Jepsen's playful new music video for "Run Away With Me" is like shooting sunshine directly into your veins, so consider it a necessary form of therapy.

The video's concept is simple: Carly runs, jumps and smiles throughout various locations all over the world, which is appropriate for a song asking the listener to literally run away with her, you know? But her happiness is so genuine and so infectious, you'll probably want to grab your passport immediately after watching. Here, Carly is like emotional morphine -- a highly addictive alleviation of all your pain and sorrow, beautiful in its impermanence.

The best part of this video is that Carly's positive, blindingly bright attitude makes you forget, if only for a moment, that all of New York City smells like hot garbage all the time.

As for the track, dare we say this should've been E.MO.TION's lead single? It's a decidedly more mature sound than "Call Me Maybe," with its pulsing synths and '80s influence, and it has just as much ear-worm potential as "I Really Like You." 

Check out Carly's video for "Run Away With Me" above.

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