Behind the Scenes at Crystal Renn’s All-Vegan Cover Shoot
Since a young age, Crystal Renn has been a leader in the fashion world. The model has walked runways from Paris to New York, graced the covers of glossy magazines, and been the face of designer campaigns the world over. But her latest project has been one of her most personal: Renn recently inspired an all-vegan cover shoot for the spring issue of L’OFFICIEL Italia, a leading luxury fashion magazi
To Remove Toxins and Fight Swelling, Try Lymphatic Massage
You've committed to eating more whole plant-based foods for the sake of your health, but want to lower inflammation, fight toxins, and look for other ways to reduce your chemical load. More and more health-minded athletes and influencers are expounding on the virtues of lymphatic drainage massage, a holistic treatment that is as natural as avocado toast and as old. But what is it, and should y...
What To Eat To Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome, From Dr. Steven Gundry
Dr. Steven Gundry has written several best-selling books including The Plant Paradox, The Longevity Paradox, and The Energy Paradox, to help anyone who thinks they are eating healthy – but is still gaining weight, feeling low-energy, bloated, or suffering from myriad symptoms like leaky gut syndrome that, no matter how many salads and green smoothies they make, just don't go away. Dr. Gundry will
These 5 Herbs Can Increase Muscle Mass Naturally. Here’s What the Science Says
Americans have long been obsessed with building bigger muscles, and ever since Charles Atlas won back-to-back bodybuilding competitions in the early 1920s in New York City, the goal has been to build mountains of muscles to appear stronger, leaner, and present a masculine ideal that resembles early Arnold Schwarzenegger, before the acting career. Perhaps it...
Report: Sleep is a Biological Necessity. How Many Hours Do You Need?
If you're the type who's constantly bragging about how little sleep you need, it may be time to rethink your views on getting more shuteye. A new report from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine states that sleep is "a biological necessity," and lack of sleep and untreated sleep disorders are detrimental to your health and long-term well-being, your ability to lose weight and keep it o

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