Lively Must-Have Decor for Dia de los Muertos
I have always been enamored of Dia de los Muertos. There is just something so beautiful about paying tribute to those we have loved and lost through stunning displays of vibrant colors, smiling sugar skulls, warm glowing candles and a whole bunch of delicious food. Whether you’re setting up a simple altar at home or throwing a full-on Day of the Dead party be sure to make it an extra special celebración with these awesome accouterments.
Hot Finds on Cold Weather Camping Gear
Falling temperatures tend to deter people from camping but I’m here to tell you that cold-weather camping isn’t only for hardcore outdoor types. Obviously, the gear that you bring on a fall or winter camping trip can make or break the experience. Bring the wrong gear and you’re in for a cold, miserable time. Bundle up with the right gear, however, and you’re likely to have a warm and cozy outdoor adventure
The Best Plant-Based Products of the Week, From the Editors of The Beet
Here to help you sift through the ever-growing barrage of new plant-based items and choose only the best is our weekly roundup by the editors of The Beet where we recommend our top picks of the week in the plant-based world. We have the privilege of sampling nearly every new plant-based or vegan product on the market, and we want to ensure that we only steer you towards brands and items that we tr
Cute Halloween Costumes For Your Pets
I truly envy those who can dress their cats and dogs up in little Halloween costumes. My cats are not cooperative and my dog acts like she's being absolutely tortured. Enjoy your charmed life full of dogs dressed up like cowboys and cats dressed like pizza. You are truly living the dream, so I've put together a list of super cute costumes to add to your pet's ever-expanding Halloween wardrobe!
Top Kids’ Halloween Costumes
Halloween is just around the corner and if your kiddo hasn't decided on a Halloween costume yet, I'm here to help! I've got a list of Amazon's top-selling kids Halloween costumes and I'm not afraid to use it!
The Best Plant-Based Products of the Week, From the Editors of The Beet
Thanks to new clever, innovative products launching every week, it's easier than ever to eat plant-based and never miss your favorite tasty treat or savory dinner. Traditional food companies and plant-based startups alike are boldly jumping into the plant-based pool, offering vegan and dairy-free cheeses, coffee creamers, sauces and dressings, ice creams, and cream cheese – all free of any animal
How to Better Show Your Appreciation for Tacos
National Taco Day may be held on October 4th but, let’s be real here. Tacos deserve to be celebrated to the fullest every single day of the year. So, in honor of our deep-rooted love for this delicious thing of handheld beauty here are some pretty awesome taco-related finds. Don’t be shy. Get on out there and show the world just how much you love tacos and don’t you dare feel like you need to confine it to just one day per year.
The Best Plant-Based Products of the Week, From The Editors of The Beet
There's never been a better time to try to go plant-based with more and more delicious products hitting the shelves every week. First, you had Impossible and Beyond Burgers, then we got to try vegan or plant-based chicken, tunafish, and now every type of item you could ever yearn for, from vegan cheese to plant-based meals that get delivered or that you can buy at the store...
Vegan Tourism is On the Rise, and This Company Is Leading the Way
For many plant-based consumers, planning travel can be difficult when mapping your itinerary around the question of "Where can I eat?" Just the act of booking a hotel, cruise, day trip, or restaurant meal can cause strain on your time and your relationships if your travel companions are not vegan or plant-based. ...
Autumn Centerpieces to “Fall” For
A table centerpiece can make a room look more put together instantly. When I see someone with a bowl full of faux lemons or multi-level candles on their dining room table, I know they're an adult. An adult who pays taxes and understands how to recycle properly. So give your friends and family the impression that you've got it all together with these festive centerpieces for the best time of the year!

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