Butterflies are Free
Do you love live theater? Then don't miss out on the Old High Thespian Troupe as they perform the Tony Award Winning 'Butterflies are Free.'
Cinemark Midnight Releases: Immortals 3D and Jack & Jill
Cinemark has two midnight showings this Thursday night and we have 10 pairs of tickets for you to claim in our VIP store to see them for FREE! (Keep reading for the links) Make Thursday night your date night, or just make it a fun night to "go to the movies" at  Cinemark …
Opera Breve Performances
Former Wichitan Lenora Eve brings her New York, NY staff to Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas...
Little Meg’s Interview With The Dynamite’s of Hairspray [AUDIO]
Last night was the big, fat debut of Hairspray in Texoma and man, was it AMAZING!!  At least I hope it was for the audience (I heard something about TWO standing ovations : )  I wasn't nervous until we had a quickie cast meeting where our lovely director, Lynn Marshall told us that we'd set a new …

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