Great dads were the focus of celebration — and so many throwback social media posts — on June 19, aka Father's Day 2016. Celebrities were no exception when it came to touting a #1 father figure in their lives, be they raised by one, married to one or both.

While the Kardashian-Jenner clan celebrated Father's Day at Caitlyn Jenner's back in 2015, this year Caitlyn and Kylie Jenner kicked it solo, as seen on Kylie's Snapchat.

"Okay, there it is, my favorite daughter right now. Why? Because it's Father's Day, and she's the only one that invited me over," Caitlyn said, as Kylie smiled into the camera. The two watched NBA Finals Game 7 together, as good a parent/child bonding exercise as any — and probably a common one on June 16, as the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first championship.

Blake Lively called her husband and parenting partner Ryan Reynolds the "best one out there," and wished a happy Father's Day to "all the other papas whose family thinks THEY'RE the best one."

Meanwhile, Zac Efron shared a photo with his dad from the time they reached a major peak: "That mountain in Peru was hard to climb — but we did it together. Thx for guiding me." Awww!

Scroll through the gallery above to see celebrities from Nicole Richie to Brooklyn Beckham share their Happy Fathers Day wishes for 2016.

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