Immediately after reading the title of the article, I'm willing to bet that a lot of people's first reaction is something along the lines of, "WHAT A JERK!  WHAT A DEADBEAT DAD!"  Well, what if I told you his reasons for this were actually rational?

According to TMZ, Mr. Carlos Estevez has filed legal documents this week asking that his required $55,000 per month child support payments to his ex-wife Brooke Mueller be cancelled.  So what rational reason could he have for this?  How about the fact that she doesn't currently have custody of their children?  Brooke is in rehab again and another of Sheen's ex's, Denise Richards, currently has custody of Sheen and Mueller's two children.  Sources indicate that Sheen believes the current child support payments are going straight to Mueller's rehab, and owing to that Sheen has paid for Mueller's rehab stints in the past, he doesn't believe he's obligated to continue to fund her rehab any longer.

But this situation doesn't necessarily mean that Sheen plans to keep the $55,000 child support payments.  Story is that Sheen has already offered to have his child support payments to Denise Richards increased while she has custody of Sheen and Mueller's twins, but Richards has already declined.  Richards has also reportedly brought the twins to visit their daddy on the set of "Anger Management", something that made Brooke Mueller irate last December.

So what's your call?  Is Sheen justified here, or should he still have to throw the money in Mueller's direction?

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