The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here – the Grumpy Cat Photobomb App is available for download! Now you can place Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat in all of your photos! You can find the app by searching for Grumpy Cat Photobomb or GrumpyBomb.

Because I love everything Grumpy Cat, I had to get the app as soon as I discovered it was available. It’s free to use, but much like any app you’re given the option of purchasing upgrades.

The free version of the app gives the option of three Grumpy Cat faces and four to five prewritten messages. You simply choose a photo, scale it, select a face and saying, then share or save the photo. For just 99 cents you can upgrade to several sayings, for another 99 cents you can create your own custom message (or choose to go without one), and for a final 99 cents you’re given a full range of Grumpy Cat images to decide from.

Three dollars for Grumpy Cat in my pics? I unlocked all three!

The app is great if you want to create your own Grumpy Cat meme and is an ideal download for fans of the unhappy looking cat. Below are a couple of examples of the app in action.

Photo by Bethany Lee
Photo by Bethany Lee