The goal is not to say the B word three times during this post. Already said it once in the headline, so not starting out great.

If you are reading this and saying, 'What is Beetlejuice?' You need to cancel your plans this weekend and watch that movie. It's amazing and definitely one of my favorite childhood movies. So I am super jealous of everyone in Austin that gets to go trick or treat at this house tonight.

Jessica Martinez and Edward Murray setup their house just like the movie for Halloween over in Austin. They love the movie and have even dressed up as some of the characters for Comic Cons in the past. They have the blow up sand worm, which anybody could buy. They rest of the stuff they basically made themselves. They even have the movie playing on a projector on their window. Pretty cool. They plan to have it setup through the weekend in the McKinney Heights neighborhood.

And one more Beetlejuice so the big guy can show up.

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