Never been a fan of "Glee", and hearing this makes me hope the series gets canceled.

Next week will be the annual Christmas episode of the musical television show, and star Matthew Morrison, who also directed the episode, recently revealed the premise for the episode,

"We're doing a Christmas special within the episode of Glee and it's a throwback and a tribute to the "Star Wars" holiday special and the Judy Garland Christmas special,"

And to twist the knife into the hearts of "Star Wars" fans even more, the makers of "Glee" contacted George Lucas about the episode and Lucas gave them permission to use Chewbacca in the episode!  And it will not be a knock off Chewbacca costume.  It will be to official costume and worn by Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew.

It wouldn't be so terribly bad if they were paying respect to "Star Wars" in some fashion other than the "Star Wars Holiday Special."  The 1978 tv movie featured the cast from the original film as well as celebs like Bea Arthur, Harvey Corman, and Art Carney.  Taking place after the events of "A New Hope", the special is about Chewbacca trying to make it home to his family for "Life Day", the Wookie equivalent of Christmas.  The special, which includes musical numbers, cartoons, and the introduction of the character Boba Fett, was panned by critics and is still considered to be one of the darkest stains on the legacy of the "Star Wars" saga.  It is so infamous that home video versions are non-existent.  And now "Glee" has to reopen that wound and pour some salt into it.

Thanks a lot.

via Yahoo News