When you really think about it, this was a terrific way to raise money.  In Evanston Township High School, seniors Charlotte Runzel and Jesse Chatz devised a way to raise $1,000 for the Boocoo Cultural Center and Cafe; play Justin Bieber's song "Baby" over the school intercom between classes for one week, or until the students donate enough money.  Initially met with complaints from some members of the student body, the principal and administrative staff encouraged the students to play along and donate to the cause.

Bieber's song "Baby", which includes the word baby over 50 times, started being played between classes on Monday, roughly 20 times a day.  By Wednesday, Runzel and Chatz had reached their goal of $1,000.

The Boocoo Cultural Center and Cafe is the high school's non-profit beneficiary that hosts music classes, live performances, events, and offers computer labs and recording space to the local community.  The Boocoo’s administrator Alicia Hempfling said that she was very touched by the students wanting to help the center.  Hempfling said that the money will be used to provide free space for students to give their senior presentations.

via The Huffington Post