Usually when you book a Christian Rock Band to perform for students at a high school, you expect a positive message to be given.  "Junkyard Prophet", a band from Minnesota, was hired to perform at Dunkerton High School in Iowa, preaching a message of anti-bullying and making good choices in life.  What the school got was completely unexpected.

"Junkyard Prophet" had performed for this school before, so there was some expectation of what the band would do.  The band performed some songs with anti-drug, anti-alcohol, and anti-violence messages.  After the songs, the group then asked for the student and faculty to be divided into male and female groups.  For the males, "Junkyard Prophet" spoke about their feelings on the U.S. Constitution, Toby Keith as a bad role model, and showed slides of artists who died because of problems with drugs, like Elvis Presley.  The separate speech for the females took a strange turn when the band encouraged the young women to save themselves for marriage, told them that would have mud thrown on their wedding dresses if they weren't virgins, and that they should be subservient to their husbands.  To drive the point even further, the leader of the band had the females chant a mantra about remaining virgins.

As some point during the assembly, "Junkyard Prophet" also told the students that anyone who is a homosexual will die at the age of 42 and showed slides of aborted fetuses.  Any students who attempted to leave before the assembly was over, which was said to have gone on for 3 hours, was singled out by the band and called disrespectful.

Several students contact their parents immediately after the assembly, some crying so hard that their parents couldn't understand what was going on.  At the end of the day, Superintendent Jim Stanton spoke to the student body to remind them that though the band had been there with the intention of a positive message, what they ended up preaching was not the viewpoint of the school, saying,

"We promote tolerance for one another," Stanton said. "We will continue to  celebrate diversity in our student body."

At this point the school and the school board is looking into damage control, making sure that homosexual students who were on-hand are not a target for bullying/violence by any students who may have agreed with the band's message.  The school district is also looking into getting back the money paid to "Junkyard Prophets", rumored to be $1,500, saying the band changed and misrepresented their expected message.

According to the band's website, the controversy was started by a few teachers and the media, but to them the assembly was a great event with a great reaction from the crowd.

via The Lacrosse Tribune