The saga of the serial killer turned killer doll continues in time for Halloween with a straight-to-home video film. 

Entertainment Weekly exclusively broke the news that filming on the new Chucky film, 'Cult of Chucky', begins next Monday in Canada. At the end of 'Curse of Chucky', Nica was wrongfully convicted of the murder of her family and sent to an asylum for saying a doll was the actual killer. 'Cult of Chucky' will pick up 4 years later where Nica, still in the asylum, has come to believe she was the one who killed her family. When her doctor brings in a Good Guy doll as a tool for therapy sessions, mysterious murders begin to happen around the institution, leading Nica to understand that she isn't crazy after all. The only one who can save Nica is Andy, the focus of Chucky's murderous attention from the original three films, who tries to save Nica while dealing with Jennifer Tilly, who is still possessed by the spirit of Chucky's bride, Tiffany.

The film will see the return of Fiona Dourif as Nica, Jennifer Tilly as herself/Tiffany, Brad Dourif as the voice of Chuck, and Alex Vincent, who played Andy in the first two films and reprised the role in the 'Curse of Chucky' post-credit scene. Don Mancini, who wrote the original film and served as writer/director on the previous two, will be returning as Executive Producer, Writer, and Director.

In 2012, news broke that Mancini was planning two films for the franchise, a sequel and a reboot. The following year we got the sequel, 'Curse of Chucky', that was actually a pretty good movie that made up for the horrible turn the franchise took. Since then, talk of the series reboot faded with focus continuing on the established story.

'Cult of Chucky' is set for an unrated release on Blu Ray, DVD, and Digital HD in time for Halloween this year.

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