Cinemark has two midnight showings this Thursday night and we have 10 pairs of tickets for you to claim in our VIP store to see them for FREE! (Keep reading for the links) Make Thursday night your date night, or just make it a fun night to "go to the movies" at  Cinemark in Wichita Falls!   And if you have been classically conditioned like me to where you have to buy popcorn and soda when you go to the movies, sign up for their emails that send out weekly concession coupons.  Concessions just make the experience much more fun!

If you want action, you got it with this movie!  Just watch the trailer! This movie looks goooooood...  So get those tickets before they're gone!


If you love comedies, you're going to want to watch this Adam Sandler movie.  He even stars in it twice!  Check out the trailer...


First ones to follow these links, gets them:  Immortals and Jack & Jill.