Have you seen these things yet? Holy crap does this look like an immersive movie experience.

So today I learned about something called Screen X. Which is a 270 degree movie theater experience. Check out what Top Gun Maverick looks like on it above. I learned about this today when two Cinemark locations in El Paso announced they were going to be opening these up.

Come on Cinemark, hook up Wichita Falls with something. Do not get me wrong, I love the new seats and thank god we finally have alcohol service at the movies (which I do purchase every time I go). I would at least like to have an IMAX screen in this town. Lawton has an IMAX screen and I road trip up there every time I want to see a big action movie.


So I was curious about this new Screen X and decided to find a screen near us. The Cinemark over in Plano has the new Blank Panther movie this weekend. At 1:50 this afternoon, they have a showing on a normal screen for $14. At 2:50 (similar time) they have a showing in a Screen X theater for $15. It only costs ONE DOLLAR more?!


I feel like Wichita Falls is always years behind every one else on updates. I was truly shocked on how long it took us to get alcohol into our theaters after that was commonplace for LITERAL years across the country at the movies. I am just saying, it's time at the very least we get an IMAX screen in this town.

Disney is going to keep cranking out Star Wars and Marvel movies and I want to see them in IMAX without having to drive to Lawton.

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