Jerry Jones got into some hot water last Wednesday night when his son in law cleaned his glasses for him. Well Jerry Jones loves to cash in on anything. So now he is releasing Jerry wipes.This all started when Shy Anderson (Jerry Jones son in law) did an interview with the Dallas Morning News. He was telling them of the incident "Jerry never talks to anybody during the game," says Anderson. "He is so focused. But he started asking, 'Where's Witten?' I was looking over his shoulder and I could see his glasses were completely smudged. I said, 'Seriously, Jerry? Let me see your glasses.' I actually had an eyeglass cloth in my pocket."

From the video it looked like Jerry was to good to clean his glasses. Now Jerry wants to cash in on this little incident with his own line of glasses wipes. Now there are die hard Cowboys fans out there like myself who want every form of memorabilia. Trust me these will sell. I don't even own glasses and I want them.

As of this time the Jerry wipes are not in the Dallas Cowboys online store. According to a online sales rep, this product is in the works so just keep checking online for a eventual release.

Watch Jerry Jones glasses get cleaned below: