Coi Leray is calling for unity among female rappers in the hopes of recreating Lil’ Kim's 1997 iconic "Not Tonight Remix" and make history with a No. 1 hit.

On Tuesday night (June 13), the trendsetter went on Twitter to share some insightful thoughts on how to change that and simultaneously make history. With the recent news that there hasn't been a hip-hop song or album to reach No. 1 on the Billboard charts, Coi Leray believes she may have come up with a solution for that.

Coi Leray Calls for All Female Rappers to Unite and Recreate Lil’ Kim's "Not Tonight Remix"

In a tweet, the "Players" rapper proposed a solution to achieve the first No. 1 rap song on the charts by assembling an all-female rapper lineup.

"Ain’t been a number one rap song at all this year. Calling all the female rappers to front. Hear me out," says Coi. "Ladies night. Hip-hop. Unity."

In a quote tweet responding to a fan's comment about the abundance of female rappers, suggesting that they would need up to part 30 to include them all, Coi had a response. She suggested, "Some of us can share verses. Split it up. Back and forth. Ad-libs."

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Who Was Featured on Lil’ Kim's 'Not Tonight Remix?'

Lil’ Kim's original version of "Not Tonight" was included on her debut album, Hard Core. In 1997, the "Not Tonight Remix" was released, featuring a star-studded lineup of rappers such as Da Brat, Missy Elliott, Angie Martinez and Left Eye. This track marked a significant moment in hip-hop history, as it brought together multiple female rappers on a single song.

Coi Leray's second studio album, Coi, is scheduled to be released on June 23. One of the singles from the album, titled "My Body," was released on April 23, giving fans a taste of what to expect from the upcoming project.

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