The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood shared an update with fans concerning his current health after he was diagnosed with the coronavirus (COVID-19) earlier last week.

"We’ve all heard reports that this novel coronavirus doesn’t really affect young people. And yet—as a healthy 28-year-old who eats well, exercises regularly, and gets plenty of sleep—I got sick," he told Cosmopolitan in a piece published Thursday (March 26). "I’m sharing my story publicly because this is scary. I *am* scared."

He revealed that he is being cared for by his girlfriend Cassie Randolph, along with her family, at their home in Huntington Beach, California. He told the outlet that he believes he caught the virus while attending a celebrity ski event in Beaver Creek, Colorado, which he called a "hotbed for infections."

On the night of March 17, he had a mild headache and body aches when going to bed. He woke up with a high fever and severe night sweats. He said that Randolph tried twice to get him tested for COVID-19 and was denied both times. Randolph's mother found a doctor that was able to test him in an unorthodox manner.

"When I showed up at my assigned time, I was instructed to pull up behind the building, roll down my windows, tilt back my head, and try not to cough while the doctor stuck a cotton swab far into my nose," he said. "It felt like it was hitting the back of my throat. A tear came out of my eye. Then it was over. I rolled up my window and drove off." Two days later the test came back positive.

He shared that two of the days he slept 15-16 hours straight and began to have trouble breathing. "I’d never had a respiratory problem before and I was scared at not being able to breathe normally," he recalled.

On Tuesday (March 24), he hit a turning point where he began to feel better. "Right now I’m just feeling grateful that I still have a life," he shared. "No one wants to get sick, not like this. But it’s a reminder that all the little things we share with each other are what gives our lives meaning."

See his Instagram update posts, below.

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