Dan Harmon’s Community has been through the ringer, from cancellations to network shifts to showrunner changes. But throughout it all, it has persisted in its own wacky, format-breaking way. Originally airing on NBC in 2009, the comedy about the ragtag group of community college students ran for five seasons before being scooped up by Yahoo for a final season. Since then, it’s developed a cult following. On April 1, the show found a new home on Netflix, leading to a resurgence of its popularity. So could this mean a long-rumored Community movie might actually happen? In an interview with TheWrapHarmon said:

I can tell people for sure that the enthusiasm for Community both for all of this time and the resurgence of it [on Netflix], there’s always an aspect of that affects the marketplace. And when the marketplace gets affected, conversations happen. And when conversations happen, things happen. I mean, when you’re part of the Community family, you learn never to raise expectations, keep ’em nice and low and then be pleasantly surprised. So I can say that there are conversations happening that people would want to be happening and that I’m very, very excited about the coming months.

In November of 2019, the cast of Community sounded their support for a movie adaptation of the beloved show, but it was Harmon who had minor reservations. But it seems like he's warming up to the idea. Community was instrumental in advancing the careers of Donald Glover, Gillian Jacobs, and Joel McHale, so a movie starring these actors would certainly draw a lot of buzz.

Until we get the official news of a Community feature film, we can look forward to a Community table read reunion on Sony Pictures TV’s YouTube channel on Monday, May 18 at 2PM PT.

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