After three months on the shelf, bordering on cancellation, "Community" has been confirmed to return to its Thursday time slot on March 15th.  Showrunner Dan Harmon tweeted,

"What you call 8:00, we call home. Community returns to Thursday nights on March 15th."

Originally shelved in November, 'Community' had enough episodes to finish out the first half of the season up to the Winter break.   A controversial move, NBC justified their actions by noting the unsatisfactory rating of the fan-favorite show.  Little is known about the future of 'Community', with NBC President Bob Greenblatthinting last month that 'Community' would definitely return to the schedule this season, but a 4thseason seems unlikely.  However, with the news generated by the shelving of a seemingly popular, though low-rated show, many believe the network will see a rise in the show'sratings when it returns next month.

Even if 'Community' gets better ratings, I don't trust NBC to think of the fans and the potential for the show by keeping it.  NBC has never relented on their decision to give "The Tonight Show" back to Jay Leno even after a drop in ratings, Conan's success since the whole incident, and undeniable damage to the reputations of Leno and NBC.  Even with fan outcry, 'Community' really needs to deliver the numbers in the next few months to prove to NBC that she show is worth keeping on their vital Thursday line-up.

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