Some potential rule changes are going to be discussed this week for the UIL. I think some are good and one is very bad.

The University Interscholastic League is in charge of athletic, musical, and academic contests for public primary and secondary schools in Texas. They have a meeting scheduled this Tuesday for potential changes coming to schools here in Texas. News 8 ABC, some of the topics being discussed are the following:

  • A proposal to prohibit freshmen athletes from participating in varsity competitions.
  • Proposals to change soccer from a spring sport to a fall sport
  • A proposal to add a shot clock to basketball
  • A proposal to allow 6th grade participation at the 1A level
  • A proposal regarding strength and conditioning for in-season athletes
  • A proposal to establish a ten-year compensation plan for sports officials

First of all, I had no idea soccer was a spring sport in Texas. My homecoming game in the fall was always the soccer game, then everybody would go watch the football game in Maryland. Shot clock is basketball? Heck yeah sign us up for that. 6th grade participation at the 1A level? Sure why not. Strength and conditioning proposal? I would want more info before I say yes on this one. Compensation plans for sports officials? 100% yes, I see how you parents treat them and they don't get paid enough to deal with you.

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Finally, you might have noticed I skipped the first one. This is one I disagree with 100%. Prohibiting freshmen from participating in varsity competitions. Why? A coach is trying to put the best players on the field, if that happens to be a freshmen, so be it. They probably work their butts off to get there, let them be on the team. When I was a freshmen, we had two of my teammates make varsity because they were destroying JV opponents. Let the kids play if varsity wants them.

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